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Not sure where to start? We got you!

Crypto 101 is our free online class that covers the basics of crypto and blockchain. 

All you need is a laptop and an internet access! 

You don't need anything prepared beforehand, unless you want to swim an extra mile and download a non custodial wallet before the class. You can remain anonymous if you like - the class is not recorded.

Meet your instructor Eléonore!

As a well weathered professional and an excellent educator, Eleonore will smoothly guide you even through the roughest waters of Crypto.

A cold brew aficionado with a knack for entrepreneurship and explaining difficult concepts using simple metaphors, she will make you wonder why didn't you reach out to her earlier.

photo_2022-11-09 19.26.09.jpeg

Topics covered

This will be an excellent introduction into everything crypto and blockchain.

Shallow waters, if you will.

In just an hour you will get an overview of how we, that is - the humanity, shifted away from using sea shells and started using programmable money, and what exactly that programmable money is (could be smart contracts, you should find out).

Think this is a good fit?


Need us to give you a little push? Ok. We will see you any last Wednesday of the month!

Craving something more?

Something a bit more in depth?

Book us for a Deep Dive, and get 3 uninterrupted hours of a personalised course.

Get your free Crypto 101 guidebook here!

Let's learn!

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