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Looking for something personalised and in depth?

Crypto Deep Dive is a 2 hour, online, interactive and personal session, to level up your crypto knowledge while asking all your burning questions.  During this session you will learn the basics surrounding cryptocurrencies and the rise of the DeFi industry. 

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Meet your instructor Eléonore!

As a well weathered professional and an excellent educator, Eleonore will smoothly guide you even through the roughest waters of Crypto.

A cold brew aficionado with a knack for entrepreneurship and explaining difficult concepts using simple metaphors, she will make you wonder why didn't you reach out to her earlier.

Tired of all the technical talks, don’t know where to get it all in one easy place?

Don’t want to spend hours, get lost on the internet and weird forums?

Then this class if for you.

To dive into a specific topic or coin, reach out to us to incorporate it into the program!

  • History of money & fiat money

  • From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

  • Blockchain fundamentals, blockchain trilema

  • Wallets, hot or cold

  • Build your operational security

  • Custodians VS ownership & private keys

  • Blockchain consensus algorithms

  • Proof of Work, Proof of Stake

  • Securing the network, staking 

  • Crypto Deep Dive (BTC, ETH, NEAR)

  • Fundamentals checklist, value investing

  • Non Fungible Tokens, NFTs

  • Decentralised Finance

  • DAOS & the Metaverse

  • DEX, the case of Uniswap & Thorchain

  • Decentralised stablecoins

  • Cryptocurrency wallet workshop

We offer a competitive price of 420€ incl. 21% VAT per student for the 2 hour session. Paid in fiat or using cryptocurrencies via BitPay.

Reach out to reserve your personalised session!

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for your team? We offer b2b courses!


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