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CryptoCanal Chronicles of 2022

In 2022, we hosted 37 events, gathered more than 3000 people and welcomed 1643 new meetup members! 



In April we faced our biggest challenge so far by organising ETHDay and DeFi Day during Devconnect. Gathering more than 750 attendees, welcoming 55 speakers and managing 30+ volunteers over 2 days. 😍🤩


Amsterdam hosted Devconnect, the first of its kind, a decentralised, self organised week, gathering the brightest developers and Ethereum builders (we had to meet up after all the covid carfuffle and before the merge!). 

On April 18th 2022, we hosted ETHDay at the Transformatorhuis to showcase the best of the week to a wider audience. 


We would like to thank our partners and sponsors that made this event possible: The Ethereum Foundation, Balancer, 

Oasis (now Summer.Fi), Perpetual Protocol and Lido

A glimpse into the ETHDay stage


One event wasn't enough, so we organised a second conference, more in depth and dedicated for a slightly more niche audience. As such on April 25th 2022, we gathered the best in DeFi during Devconnect in Amsterdam.

This was our first time hosting an event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, the beginning of a wonderful relationship which brought us to work with them again in 2023 during ETHDam. 

Who made this event possible? The Ethereum Foundation, Balancer, Oasis, Perpetual Protocol, Lido, Figment and Uniswap.

A glimpse into the DeFiDay stage

Discovering the world of crypto conferences

I followed Maria's advice and let my comfort zone to understand what the rest of the world had to offer, attending ETHCC, volunteering at ETHBerlin, attending Dune Con and Devcon Bogota. Inspiring me for what had to come in 2023. Learn about Maria and catch up on her wonderful path in crypto in our chat on the Humans of Crypto Podcast.

Witnessing the merge at ETHBerlin

In the eye of the Tornado

We can’t look back at 2022, without mentioning the arrest in August 2022 of Alex Pertsev (released April 2023) and the ugly side the Netherlands have shown in their treatment of this case.

The people behind Tornado Cash gave the world a non custodial, automated, privacy tool that can be used by anyone at anytime. 

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