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What the Duck is Crypto

an experiential in person workshop covering the basics of crypto and blockchain for teams

Easy and accessible

Dedicated to beginners, we skip the crypto mumble jumble.

In person and cosy

You have our full attention. Groups of maximum, 8 to 10 people.

Learn by doing

Laugh, learn and remember what crypto is really about.

Tailored to your needs

Contact us to tailor the workshop that you need.

Meet your instructors

Can teach in 5+ languages!

Nicoletta Lumaldo

Facilitator and trainer with 10+ year experience. People expert and passionate about participation.


The in-house crypto nerd

Eleonore Blanc

Crypto educator and CryptoCanal founder with 6+ years experience in the crypto industry. 

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What the Duck is Crypto

learn crypto fundamentals in a fun and engaging way

Get the full deck

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